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Elize (Puppe von Friedhof)
13 September 2011 @ 12:30 pm
(Notice this was translated with Google. Will edit later)

Voice: Saki Fujita [Spoken voice], Miku Hatsune (Vocaloid) [Singing voice]

Doll singing the revenges along with Märchen, which affectionately calls Mär (the same nickname used by Therese and Elisabeth for März). It used to be Elisabeth's favorite doll, so was identical to her, and was given to März to keep him company in her place, with the promise that they meet again.

However, that night, Therese was captured and März thrown into the well. She was burned and thrown away with März, but fell out of the well. So when Ido gives power to März, mixes the flames of Therese's hatred and Elisabeth's love with his own power, and creates a soul for his doll. So, Elize awakens in the arms of Märchen and guided by the impulse convinces him to take revenge wandering around the world and finding the Seven Maidens that will assist them, because with avenging them they get their own revenge.

Elize, in love Märchen by the link with Elisabeth, demonstrated it several times, thinking it is reciprocated. She always makes fun at the end of the revenge, criticizing the humans. But everything changes when they reach the seventh revenge. Elize tries to convince Märchen to forget what was told by Elisabeth and continue, believing that revenge is their only purpose for existing. However, it's too late: Märchen has opened his eyes, and removes his chains, for finally, despite her pleas, end it all.

Her fate is unknown, but it can be speculated that was destroyed or simply abandoned by Märchen, and being purified, her soul disappears.

Elize would represent the Freudian "It", prompting the individual (Märchen) and away from the reason (Elisabeth).

About my RP:

Elise is kinda crazy of love, obssessed with Märchen. She's quite cruel, too, and is half tsundere only cares about Märchen.

Elize (Puppe von Friedhof)
03 September 2011 @ 09:28 pm
You see an empty dark place. In the middle there's a single chair, and sitting on it, a very tiny cute girl. And for sitting it means that she's chained to the chair and gagged. Tied around her neck and falling to her chest, there's a sign that says "ADOPT ME! MY STUPID FORMER MASTER ABANDONED ME~! PUNPUNPUN!>:"

Did I mention that the girl is currently fighting and moving, trying to escape?

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